Jim Bridges, Jr.

In Memory 1969-2002

Jim and Steph's Wedding Day

Jim and Sissy on her wedding day.

J.T. and Kathryn at Bob's wedding

Cousins and their secrets....

Even as a baby, you can see how much J.T. loves his Daddy. Too bad I only got Jim's arm in this picture.

Jim, Sammy, and Butters. Jim's teaching Sammy to fish - Bear River 2001

J.T. and Kathryn at her 5th b.d. party.

The boys 2001

All 5 boys together 1999

Seth's Tattoo in honor of Jim

JT, Kat, and Papa 2010

January 25, 2014

January 25th, 2014 
JT, Grandpa Jim, Kat